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 what is Economics for me..

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Mu'Izzuddin Razak

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what is Economics for me.. Empty
PostSubject: what is Economics for me..   what is Economics for me.. Icon_minitimeThu Jan 13, 2011 9:08 pm

Economics ?..what is it?? it important ?. Actually I don't know anything about it..I also don't know why I'm learning it.. All I know is it is all about money. Furthermore, I just don’t like theories subject and I thought that by taking Economics I don’t have to learned theories. But, that before I learned about it. Now, after learned it, I know it is not only about money. The economic system of Islam is not drawn in the light of arithmetical calculations and capacities of production alone. It involves in many things in my life.

As long as what I have learned, Economics also involves in muslims life. Rather, it is drawn and conceived in the light of a comprehensive system of morals and principles. The person who is working for another person or for a firm or an institution is ordained by God to do his work with efficiency and honesty. The Prophet said that if any of us undertakes to do any work, God loves to see we do it well and with efficiency. Once the work is done, we are entitled to a fair wage for our services. Failure by the employer to pay the just wage, or attempts to cut it down and waver on it is a punishable act. That is according to the Law of God.

But here is not all about Economics. I still have a long way to go. There are still many things to be learned in it.
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what is Economics for me..
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