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 Malaysian economics Vs islamics economics

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PostSubject: Malaysian economics Vs islamics economics   Malaysian economics Vs islamics economics Icon_minitimeWed Feb 23, 2011 12:28 am

Salam...just want to give my opinion about Malaysian economics.As we know Malaysia is one of leading Islamic country.But if you see the economic system itself you can see there is so many things which contrary to the Islamic economics foundation that we have learn as an example in Islamic economics usury and bribery is forbidden but in Malaysia economics this two major aspects is commonly being used by the people....Other than that the government implement taxes towards alcohol and the money will be using for the maintaining this the government expenditures..Gambling is also permissible in Malaysia..So even Malaysia is a Islamic country but the economics system is still based on western economics system.
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PostSubject: Re: Malaysian economics Vs islamics economics   Malaysian economics Vs islamics economics Icon_minitimeFri Feb 25, 2011 6:04 am

Salam,just want to add on a bit on the issue above

The problem is with the government,no efforts are done to somehow even expand the Islamic economy practice in Malaysia which is of course following the trend of secularism.The real problem here is that most Islamic countries don't even put much effort to eradicate this problem,i guess most of our 'competent leaders' prefers building 7-star hotels or 6-star buildings, islands or shopping malls that they forget or purposely neglect to build some sort of plan together to cope with the problem above.Just want to comment on recent problem in Malaysia,the g-tower near KLCC, why was it built right in front of the Tabung Haji building, blocking it from pedestrians view?, and it is not even being used much. The Tabung Haji building is probably one of the very less amount of Islamic buildings in Malaysia.Another problem stated was gambling, it is of course lucrative for most parasite businessmen but is not just Haram but also causing many social problems in the society.
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Malaysian economics Vs islamics economics
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