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 Biomimicry: Technology Inspired From The Nature

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PostSubject: Biomimicry: Technology Inspired From The Nature   Biomimicry: Technology Inspired From The Nature Icon_minitimeFri Dec 31, 2010 5:36 pm

Biomimetics: Drawing Inspiration From
the Design in Living Things
There is instruction for you in cattle. From the contents of their bellies, from between the dung and blood, We give
you pure milk to drink, easy for drinkers to swallow. (Qur’an, 16:66)
And there is certainly a lesson for you in your livestock. We give you to drink from what is in their bellies and there
are many ways in which you benefit from them, and some of them you eat; and you are conveyed on them and on
ships as well. (Qur’an, 23:21-22)
Before scientists and research and development experts embark on new projects, they usually look for models in living
things and imitate their systems and designs. In other words, they see and study the designs created in nature by Allah and,
inspired by these, go on to develop their own new technologies.
This approach has given birth to biometrics, a new branch of science that seeks to imitate living things. In recent times, this
branch of science has come to be widely applied in the world of technology. The use of the word “ibratan,” (to learn from,
advice, importance, important thing, or model) in the above verses is most wise in this regard.
Biomimetics refers to all of the substances, equipment, mechanisms, and systems that people produce in order to imitate
the systems present in nature. The scientific community currently feels a great need for the use of such equipment,
particularly in the fields of nanotechnology, robot technology, artificial intelligence, medicine, and the military.
Biomimicry was first put forward by Janine M. Benyus, a writer and scientific observer from Montana. This concept was later
analysed by many other people and began to find applications. Some of the comments made regarding biomimicry are as
The theme of "biomimicry" is that we have much to learn from the natural world, as model, measure, and mentor. What
these researchers have in common is a reverence for natural designs, and the inspiration to use them to solve human
problems. 1
David Oakey, product strategist for Interface Inc., a company that uses nature to increasing product quality and productivity,
Nature is my mentor for business and design, a model for the way of life. Nature's system has worked for millions of years …
Biomimicry is a way of learning from nature.2
Scientists who began to favour this rapidly spreading idea accelerated their studies by using nature’s incomparable and
flawless designs as models. These designs represent models for technological research, for they provide the maximum
productivity for the least amount of materials and energy, and are self-maintaining, environmentally friendly, silent,
aesthetically attractive, resistant, and long-lasting. The High Country News newspaper described biomimetics as “a scientific
movement” and made the following comment:
By using natural systems as models, we can create technologies that are more sustainable than those in use today. 3
Janine M. Benyus, who believed that models in nature should be imitated, gave the following examples in her book,
Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature (Perennial: 2002):
• Hummingbirds cross the Gulf of Mexico on less than 3 grams (one tenth of an ounce) of fuel,
• Dragonflies outmanoeuvre our best helicopters,
• Heating and air-conditioning systems in termite mounds are superior in terms of equipment and energy consumption to
those made by human beings,
• A bat’s high-frequency transmitter is more efficient and sensitive than our own radar systems,
• Light-emitting algae combine various chemicals to illuminate their bodies,
• Arctic fish and frogs freeze solid and then spring to life, having protected their organs from ice damage,
• Chameleons and cuttlefish change the pattern of their skin to blend instantly with their surroundings,
• Bees, turtles, and birds navigate without maps, and
• Whales and penguins dive without scuba gear.
These astonishing mechanisms and designs in nature, of which we have cited only a few, have the potential to enrich
technology in a wide range of fields. This potential is becoming ever more obvious as our accumulated knowledge and
technological means increase.
All animals possess many features that amaze human beings. Some have the ideal hydrodynamic shape that allows them to
move through water, and others employ senses that appear very foreign to us. Most of these are features that researchers
have encountered for the first time, or, rather, that they have only recently discovered. On occasion, it is necessary to bring
together prominent scientists from such fields as computer technology, mechanical engineering, electronics, mathematics,
physics, chemistry, and biology in order to imitate just one feature of a living thing.
Scientists are amazed when confronted with the incomparable structures and systems they are discovering with every
passing day, and use that amazement to inspire themselves to produce new technologies for humanity’s benefit. Realising
that the existing perfect systems and extraordinary techniques applied in nature are far superior to their own knowledge and
intellect, they became aware of these matchless solutions to existing problems and are now resorting to the designs in
nature to resolve problems that have eluded them for years. As a result, they will perhaps achieve success in a very short
time. Moreover, by imitating nature, scientists are making very important gains with regard to time and labour and also to the
targeted use of material resources.
Today we see the developing technology gradually discovering the miracles of creation and using the extraordinary designs
in living things, as in the case of biomimetics, in the service of humanity. Benyus has stated that “‘Doing it nature's way’ has
the potential to change the way we grow food, make materials, harness energy, heal ourselves, store information, and
conduct business.” 4The following are just a few of the many scientific papers to have considered such subjects:
“Science is Imitating Nature,”5
“Life's Lessons in Design,” 6
“Biomimicry: Secrets Hiding in Plain Sight,” 7
“Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature,” 8
“Biomimicry: Genius That Surrounds Us,” 9
“Biomimetics: Creating Materials from Nature's Blueprints,” 10 and
“Engineers Ask Nature for Design Advice.” 11
In the nineteenth century, nature was imitated only in aesthetic terms. Artists and architects of that time were influenced by
nature and used examples of the structures’ external appearances in their works. Yet the realisation of nature’s
extraordinary designs and that these could be used to benefit human beings only began in the twentieth century with the
study of natural mechanisms at the molecular level. Scientists today are learning from living things, as revealed in the
Qur’an 1,400 years ago.
“To purchase the works of Harun Yahya, please visit”
1- Frederick Pratter, “Stories from the Field Offer Clues on Physics and Nature,” Christian Science Monitor,
2- “Biomimicry,”
3- Michelle Nijhuis, High Country News, 6 July 1998, vol. 30, no. 13,
4- “Biomimicry Explained: A Conversation with Janine Benyus,”
5- Bilim ve Teknik Dergisi (Journal of Science and Technology) (August 1994): 43.
6- Philip Ball, “Life's lessons in design,” Nature 409 (2001): 413-16,
7- “Biomimicry: Secrets Hiding in Plain Sight,” NBL (New Bottom Line) 6, no. 22, 17 November 1997,
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9- Ed Hunt, “Biomimicry: Genius that Surrounds Us,” Tidepool editor,
10- Robin Eisner, “Biomimetics: Creating Materials from Nature's Blueprints,” The Scientist, 8 July 1991, www.thescientist.
11- Jim Robbins, “Engineers Ask Nature for Design Advice,” New York Times, 11 Decemb[/center]er 2001.

Biomimicry: Technology Inspired From The Nature
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PostSubject: Re: Biomimicry: Technology Inspired From The Nature   Biomimicry: Technology Inspired From The Nature Icon_minitimeSat Jan 01, 2011 9:04 pm

That's why Allah swt had created this natures for us to think about him and understand why He created all of this. It is for us to take it, and to inspire ourself to make our own life easier. How merciful Allah is it? So praise be to Allah who had given all of this ni'mah for us to create a new technology based on the nature. It is just like how Prophet Ibrahim as tried to find God by take an inspiration from the nature. But he can't find God in any nature because Allah is the Creator of all the creatures. That's make Prophet Ibrahim as even more confident in himself to believe there is only one God.
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PostSubject: How is Nature Inspired Us To Technology   Biomimicry: Technology Inspired From The Nature Icon_minitimeFri Jan 07, 2011 11:07 am

i'm sorry for posting directly the link. But actually i'm really interested to talk about this topics. It is just how Allah swt could tell us on how to manage ourself by technology by inspired us with natures created by Him. Just like this makes me more interested to take my courses in IIUM which is in Engineering Program. Although peoples always tell that in the future there will be no more jobs in this field because of too much students nowadays is taking this program but i still believe that Allah will still inspired His slaves to make us easy manage ourself and the world as khilafah. Many people ask, how Allah can inspired us. You are wrong if you ask about this, we can see how prophet Ibrahim as manage to find the truth by inspired himself from the natures. How he can't find God in any parts of natures. But actually God itself is the Creator. Then we can just see how Luqman AL Hakim can teach his children just by walking around the town with a Himar. He manage to use natures that is given by the God to teach his children about life. How we can't just hear on what people want to say. but just do what you find it is right. just like in a hadith where prophet Muhammad saw said that the right thing is just what you will feel tranquil in your heart but the wrong thing is when you are doing it you will feel terrible although other people says it right. Then it makes me believe that in the future Allah will help me to inspire me to do something to make islamic ways is the way of thinking and revealation is the first priority in order to make it success. Then we can just Give birth to the new khilafah just how it is starts from just the one person Prophet Muhammad saw till the last khalifah of Utmaniyyah Sultan Abd Hamid if i'm not mistaken during the years of 1924. we can see how so many islamics scholars born during the Abbasiyyah govern the khilafah, imam al ghazali, al khawarizmi, al biruni, ibnu sina, ibnu battutah and many others.

during this time europe was in the years where we can say it in the jahiliyyah way of life. but from the islamic knowledge they manage to use it to create their own years of renaissance. it proof that islamic ways of thinking is the best way. because all we hope on is just Allah swt. not being arrogant because we did it.

Then now i feel easy and comfortable to just follow my way of life in engineering. as i know natures that is given by Allah can inspire us to create new technology.

references from the books written by Harun Yahya on Biomimicry

Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Biomimicry: Technology Inspired From The Nature   Biomimicry: Technology Inspired From The Nature Icon_minitimeFri Mar 25, 2011 1:01 am


Alhamdulillah, I'm amazed by your interest and your conviction. Yes, I agree that Allah SWT in His Wisdom shows human being many of which we know not. However, we human tend to be arrogant and forgetful of His bounty. The tribute of a scientist work more often then not is either to himself or nature. To claim that what is in the mind is his, out of his own effort when the very faculty of thought process comes from Allah SWT is a grave error. It is also erroneous to give credit to nature as it does not exist on its own. It is therefore not a stretch to claim that destruction on earth lies in the hand of many scientists today as their very knowledge brings them closer not to Allah.

It is a blessing of Allah to be able to see design in nature and to try to copy that design to ease man's life. It is a great ambition to built and to invent. I pray to Allah that you get to achieve your ambition in the state of iman so that the Muslim ummah will have a place to turn to in time of need. It is of an embarrassment to the Muslims when it is the non Muslim who took up His call to think and to ponder on creation while we are lost in our desire of this world, too afraid to take the challenge and too dependent to think for ourselves. Dependent here is to man not to Allah SWT.

Great prophets are the first and foremost to depend on Allah, to rely entirely on Him and to trust and have faith that in following His way there will always be success in the end. Whether the success comes as it was desired, or after some hardship, or even only known in the Hereafter, the believe never wavers in the face of any challenges. Thus, the same we need in our study and our life. The blessing in the act is as important, at times more so than the success of the act. Even engineering as a subject should connect us to Allah through wonders such as stated in the article. Thank you for sharing.
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PostSubject: Re: Biomimicry: Technology Inspired From The Nature   Biomimicry: Technology Inspired From The Nature Icon_minitime

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Biomimicry: Technology Inspired From The Nature
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