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 steps to write a book review

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I. Description of the BookA book review usually starts with a heading that includes all the bibliographic information about the book, this includes:
Author. (Who is the author? What are his qualifications and background)
Place of publication:
Date of publication.
Number of pages.

II. Introduction:To put the work into context, the reviewer may introduce it by various possible introductions which include:
a statement of the thesis
a statement of the author's purpose
a statement about the topicality of the work or its significance
a comparison of the work to others by the same author or within the same genre a statement about the author

II. Problematic of the book:At this stage, the reviewer should give a summary of the main points of the book, quoting and paraphrasing key phrases of the author.
What is the major topic of the book?
What is the author's major hypothesis?
What are the arguments given by the author to demonstrate and support his views?

IV. Conclusion:Like other essays, a book review usually ends with a conclusion that relates together the points that have been raised in the review. Also it provides a concise comment on the book by mentioning how relevant the book is for your.


you are required to read th whole book.

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steps to write a book review
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