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 permanent and changes in muslim civilization

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PostSubject: permanent and changes in muslim civilization   permanent and changes in muslim civilization Icon_minitimeSat Feb 19, 2011 1:41 am

salaam.i would like to bring this topic forward which entitled permanent and changes in muslim civilization.
we are now in a contemporary world with the advent of new technologies.but it doesnt mean that the way of muslims life must change
since most of the technology comes from the western and think they are civilized.
nowadays,what i can see is muslim feels like they should follow the western regardless the way of their life,the way they get socialize or the way they get dressed.
for me there is no wrong of following them but we must be able to filter what is good and bad and try to accept the good and rejecting what is not good.
in malaysia,social issue has been with the erection of the night club buildings,enormous of shopping malls (to follow the western perhaps).i wonder why the government allow all these things to be happened? i have been to bukit bintang and see so many of teenagers are loitering,drinking alcohol,socialize with opposite gender without accord of Islamic fact there are going to be future generation.why the government take it for granted about it?
is that we called civilized?

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PostSubject: Re: permanent and changes in muslim civilization   permanent and changes in muslim civilization Icon_minitimeFri Feb 25, 2011 6:27 am

Salam, i totally agree with your issue above.Civilization now stand in a whole new materialist perspective.Now there are even news on the government building 100-story buildings,while hundreds of impoverished people and the extremely poor are not being given the help they should receive.This is just one of the many examples of just absolute rubbish in how civilization means nowadays.Instead of spending the large amount of money on freakishly tall buildings,why don't build libraries,improve the public transport,subsidy plans for the poor,more scholarships for the needy one to study and so on.Bukit Bintang is just the best example what civilization means nowadays.It is funny because for such a 'civilized' place there can be so many 'uncivilized' activities going on around there.This is just the problem in Malaysia,what about in other countries like in UAE('totally westernized now'),turkey(antartuk disease still spreading stably,so-called European Arabic country) and in so many other 'Islamic countries'.The problem should cope first and foremost at universities in Malaysia now.There should be awareness on what civilization really means in Islamic perspective,only then real civilization can ever be achieved again.
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PostSubject: Re: permanent and changes in muslim civilization   permanent and changes in muslim civilization Icon_minitimeThu Mar 03, 2011 5:42 pm

civilization.. because of this words we are far away from Islamic teaching. Islam doesn't oppose civilization but highly encourage the Muslims to strive towards the civilization. misinterpretation of the meaning and adapting the west culture make us astray from the straight path. this is because Muslims nowadays are no longer hold onto the al-Quran and hadith strongly. in one hadith Rasulullah S.A.W said, if all of you hold a strong grip onto al-Quran and Hadith, you will never go astray all the time. it reflect with what had happen today, because most Muslims does not hold onto revelation, they have been astray from Islam.
i remember one case that happen few years back, a Malaysian was accused of murdering her own child because she dumped her own child after giving birth overseas. because she give birth in that country, her child is considered as the citizen of that country that why she was accused and were bought to the court. her lawyer come up with the statement where, she doesn't know that dumping a child is not allowed in this country because dumping a child in Malaysia is their culture. then the lawyer give the evidence by using all the news that report about the tragedy from our newspaper. and at last that girl was save. what had happen right now.?? They already noted that dumping the child is our culture. is this what we called development and civilization. our pride have been crushed because of that girl fault. we were known as one of developing countries but less in moral. wallahua'lam.. nauzubillah.
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PostSubject: Re: permanent and changes in muslim civilization   permanent and changes in muslim civilization Icon_minitimeWed Mar 23, 2011 5:01 pm

I do agree with all the above comments stated but is the story about a Malaysian dumped her baby because she claimed dumping baby is allowed and one of our culture in Malaysia real or not? If it is real, we as a Malaysian have to be ashamed with her action. But, for sure, it is our fault as a result for chasing greedily to become more ‘civilized’ nation. Do the authorities know the real meaning of civilization based on the meaning in Islam, not from western’s meaning? So, this showed how fool they are even most of them are Muslim, as they supposedly knew what our religion had asked and prohibited.
We have to follow the civilization from the term of Islam. We do not have to pursue too many skyscrapers, thousand millions values of buildings, international singers or the unique and fantastic shape of towers but it is enough to run after the first class mentality of nation. This is what we call the genuine civilized nation. But, where can we get this type of nation? The recipe is already prepare completely in al-Quran and Hadith, we should give them al-Quran not just only for the reading purpose, but for the real understanding and keep practising it too. Avoid them with too much useless entertainment which it is the starting point of the unethical and odious behaviour of teenagers nowadays.
However, it is a large contradiction with what happened today. Parents scramble to send their children for worldly and profane knowledge instead of religion knowledge. Oblivious entertainment is everywhere, as a sign of ‘civilization’ nation. As a result, cotemporary social issues scatter around the papers. And, to start the true Muslim civilization as portrayed in Quran, we have to change our mindset especially for teenagers, who are our next generation. If their mind were being westernized, so how can they revive the new Muslim civilization? Hence, it’s up to us to change this situation or let it be there. Salam.
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PostSubject: Re: permanent and changes in muslim civilization   permanent and changes in muslim civilization Icon_minitime

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permanent and changes in muslim civilization
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