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 How Law Is Related To The Revelation

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Today, the discipline of law is one of the most sought-after choices among students who wish to pursue a good career in the future. However, the issue is now students are diverted from the main and actual purpose of law. Nowadays, lawyers even among Muslims do not practice the etiquettes of being a lawyer and going against what has been laid by Islam. Bribery, taking advantages from the poor and many other are among the things that Muslim lawyers are doing nowadays. In order to answer this questions, we need to look back what has been revealed in the main book, the Quran.

In Surah al-Sad verse 26:

"O David, We did indeed make you a vicegerent on earth, so judge
between man in truth"

In this verse, Allah has created man to govern this earth and the purpose is to make sure that peace and justice is establish. It is indeed clarified by the verse above that a man should judge between man in truth. However, in todays justice system, corruption and bribery occurs everywhere. Criminals could get away with crimes easily by just bribing the judge or even the law authorities. This phenomena did occur whereby a magistrate in the state of Pahang was caught for taking RM2000 from a police officer which they agree to share it by taking the money from offended criminals so that they can get away with their crimes easily. It is clearly said in the Quran of Surah Al-Baqarah verse 188:

"And eat not up your property among yourselves in vanity, nor seek it
to gain the hearing of the judges that ye may knowingly devour a portion
of the property of other wrongfully"

The purpose of law is also to establish a good community of society living in peace in harmony. When the law does not seems to suit the situation of the people during that particular time, Islam allows the law to be changed in accordance with the need of the society and the people. This can be seen in the ijtihad made by Saidina Umar Amirul Mukminin where a person was caught stealing food and was brought to the caliph to decide the punishment. The punishment for stealing is sariqah or the amputation of the hands. However, following the circumstance and the situation at that time, the town was suffering from drought and the source of food was getting lower and lower so the people was suffering from hunger. Because of that, caliph Umar divert from the original punishment of stealing as it was understandable that at times of hunger, people are desperate to find food for survival. In Islam, it is allowed to divert from the original position of the law in order to suit the circumstances and conditions of the time. This can also be emphasized by Surah al-Nisa verse 58 “When you judge among men, judge with justice”. This shows that it is primarily important to establish justice in society in order to maintain peace and harmony among the people.

Therefore, the field of law is widely related to what has been revealed in th Quran. Lawyers or anyone in the field of law should practice the etiquettes and what has been laid in the Quran in order to achieve the main purpose of law, to establish justice and peace among the society. I hope that I myself would be a good practicing Muslim lawyer in the future and other Muslim lawyers as well.

Huzir Bin Shamsul Bahrin. 1015549

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How Law Is Related To The Revelation
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