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 islamic political framework

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PostSubject: islamic political framework   islamic political framework Icon_minitimeThu Jan 20, 2011 5:58 pm

assalamualaikum w.b.t.

i was attracted to share some views on the issue of islamic state. mostly it is related to some political issues. after i did my reading for the book review about 'muslim contribution to the world civilization', which gave me a point to discuss about this.

basically, our country is not an islamic state as we all know.i dont know why our leaders most of them still claiming that malaysia is an islamic state while our constitution, law are silent about is an obligation for every muslim,must have intention in their heart,i mean to realize this matter in order to bring back the glory of the past.

we once had glorious civilization from the time of the prophet until the ottoman empire eventhough we know that during that time also, they are some of the muslim leaders went away or forgotten about islamic teachings, such as yazid bin muawiyyah, who caused the death of the saydina husayn a.s,grandson of the prophet.

go back to the issue, i hv read an article on al-mawardi's political paradigm which gave me a lot of ideas relating to this issue.the problem now is most of the modern scholars has been influenced by the theory of liberalism,which makes people think more easier about the religion's, i would like to share about the article mentioned.

the political system of islam is based on the three principles of tawhid (oeness of god), risala (prophethood) and khilifa (caliphate).

tawhid means that one Allah alone is the Creator,Sustainer and Master of the universe and of all that exists in it - organic or inorganic. He alone has the right to command or forbid. worship and obedience are due to Him alone.

risala is the medium through which we receive the law of Allah. we hv received two things from this source: the Qur’an, the book in which Allah has expounded His law, and the hadith by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), through word and deed, in his capacity as the representative of Allah.Qur’an laid down the broad principles on which human life should be based and the Prophet of Allah, in accordance with these principles, established a model system of Islamic life.the combination of these two elements is called the shari’a or law..
khilafa meas according to Islam, is the representative of Allah on earth(Baqarah;30), His vicegerent; that is to say, by virtue of the powers delegated to him by Allah,and within the limits prescribed, he is required to exercise divine authority as what Allah said in the Quran, "make judge amongst u from what Allah has revealed".

this is exactly what islam means when it affirms that man is the representative of Allah on earth. these four conditions are also involved in the concept of khalifa.the state that is established in accordance with this political theory will in fact be a caliphate under the sovereignty of Allah.

therefore,these elements are important in order to establish the islamic state.are we satisfied these elements? we will discuss more about this later.this is just the beginning.any idea?

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islamic political framework
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