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 Qur'an & Scientific thinking

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PostSubject: Qur'an & Scientific thinking   Qur'an & Scientific thinking Icon_minitimeThu Jan 20, 2011 12:32 pm

Assalam Ulaykum all

I would like to invite all the participants to contribute to the folowwing topic:

tell us what do you know about: Qur'an and the making of scientif thinking in Islam?

creatitity, truth, theory, methods, tools, maxims, postulates...guidance...etc.

thank you

was salam.
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PostSubject: Re: Qur'an & Scientific thinking   Qur'an & Scientific thinking Icon_minitimeSun Jan 23, 2011 7:28 pm

salam,,,in my opinion,,,
Quran is the basic,the most prior source to refer tells man things from ALLAH's rules...but how to do it then must be learnt and thought carefully,,,learn from the Sunnah,,,think with the aql ALLAH gives to us,,,but by following the rules mentioned by ALLAH in His Book,,,this is because those days in Prophet's time were not the same with these days of ours..people these days are not the same level of those days,,,those people were really really strong in faith who are very few in these days..a hadith narrated by Thawban :

The Prophet (peace_be_upon_him) said: The people will soon summon one another to attack you as people when eating invite others to share their dish. Someone asked: Will that be because of our small numbers at that time? He replied: No, you will be numerous at that time: but you will be scum and rubbish like that carried down by a torrent, and Allah will take fear of you from the breasts of your enemy and last enervation into your hearts. Someone asked: What is wahn (enervation). Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him): He replied: Love of the world and dislike of death.

it is so scary to think of us becoming one of the people with wahn inside our heart.,,to avoid this,,lets make our iman strong and clean our heart from the love of the world and dislike of death,,insyaallah,,,

so,as we are provided with Quran and Sunnah,,we should learn from the stories of people those days..meaning that,,,the experience they had should be a lesson to us in doing something in these days,,with the guidance from both 2 holy sources, we should make use the aql Allah gives fully but wisely..

for example,,im taking quantity surveying,,,in Quran,from the ibn kathir interpretation,,,there is a lesson that is the erecting kaabah with clean sources of materials,,

In his Sirah, Muhammad bin Ishaq bin Yasar said, "When the Messenger of Allah reached thirty-five years of age, the Quraysh gathered to rebuild the Ka`bah, this included covering it with a roof. However, they were weary of demolishing it. During that time, the Ka`bah was barely above a man's shoulder, so they wanted to raise its height and build a ceiling on top. Some people had stolen the Ka`bah's treasure beforehand, which used to be in a well in the middle of the Ka`bah. The treasure was later found with a man called, Duwayk, a freed servant of Bani Mulayh bin `Amr, from the tribe of Khuza`ah. The Quraysh cut off his hand as punishment. Some people claimed that those who actually stole the treasure left it with Duwayk. Afterwards, the sea brought a ship that belonged to a Roman merchant to the shores of Jeddah, where it washed-up. So they collected the ship's wood to use it for the Ka`bah's ceiling; a Coptic carpenter in Makkah prepared what they needed for the job. When they decided to begin the demolition process to rebuild the House, Abu Wahb bin `Amr bin `A'idh bin `Abd bin `Imran bin Makhzum took a stone from the Ka`bah; the stone slipped from his hand and went back to where it had been. He said, `O people of Quraysh! Do not spend on rebuilding the House, except from what was earned from pure sources. No money earned from a prostitute, usury or injustice should be included.''' Ibn Ishaq commented here that the people also attribute these words to Al-Walid bin Al-Mughirah bin `Abdullah bin `Amr bin Makhzum.

Ibn Ishaq continued, "The Quraysh began to organize their efforts to rebuild the Ka`bah, each subtribe taking the responsibility of rebuilding a designated part of it.

However, they were still weary about bringing down the Ka`bah. Al-Walid bin Al-Mughirah said, `I will start to bring it down.' He held an ax and stood by the Ka`bah and said, `O Allah! No harm is meant. O Allah! We only seek to do a good service.' He then started to chop the House's stones. The people waited that night and said, `We will wait and see. If something strikes him, we will not bring it down and instead rebuid it the way it was. If nothing happens to him, then Allah will have agreed to what we are doing.' The next morning, Al-Walid went to work on the Ka`bah, and the people started bringing the Ka`bah down with him. When they reached the foundations that Ibrahim built, they uncovered green stones that were above each other, just like a pile of spears.'' Ibn Ishaq then said that some people told him, "A man from Quraysh, who was helping rebuild the Ka`bah, placed the shovel between two of these stones to pull them up; when one of the stones was moved, all of Makkah shook, so they did not dig up these stones.''

so,,as the quran explains about building Kaabah must use from clean sources of materials,,the principles should be applied to all buildings that are going to be constructed..hence,,we must learn from this story and think wisely and fully utilized our aql if it happens for us to face an environment which is full of bribery and corruption..

is my opinion answers the question??hehe,,i dont know,,,n im sorry if im not answering the question,,pplease correct me if im wrong,,
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PostSubject: Re: Qur'an & Scientific thinking   Qur'an & Scientific thinking Icon_minitimeWed Jan 26, 2011 4:52 pm

Salam,093826,i think that what you have posted is interesting and informative,thanks for the info.

I would just like to give my opinion in the matter of Quran and scientific thinking.I will go straight to the point regarding the basic thinking that is supposed to be in our mind when studying sciences.An example,Imam Al-Ghazzali comment on the cause and effect right thinking.A fire burning a cotton,only by the will of Allah that the fire can burn the cotton,and that it is then reduced to ashes.It is of course the nature of fire to burn,but anything that happens,no matter how small it is happens only by the will of Allah and under his control.This is much related to the concept of tawheed.It is amazing the kalimah of lailahaillallah is very much related to the right scientific thinking.

Surah Al-Mulk(67:19)
"Do they not observe the birds above them,spreading their wings,and folding them in?None can uphold them except (Allah) Most Gracious:Truly(Allah) Most Gracious:Truly it is he who watches over all things"

So the bird can fly of course because of the concept of gravity,pressure,thrust and lift.But all of these are the asbabs(medium) that Allah uses to enable the bird to fly.Nothing is not within the control of Allah.And the study of the asbabs should lead us towards even greater believe in Allah power and control.


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PostSubject: Re: Qur'an & Scientific thinking   Qur'an & Scientific thinking Icon_minitimeFri Jan 28, 2011 6:21 pm

salam, just wanna share some info about one popular member of the science from an "Islamic perspective".His name is Maurice Bucaille ,a french surgeon who accepted Islam in 1983.In his study of the Quran,he found conformity between the Quranic text and the results of modern science,which in his view ,proves the scientific miracle of the Quran.His opinion is that modern science can clarify and give us the full meaning of certain verses of the Quran.He attempt to demonstrate that the Quran is true revelation and that the Islamic tradition contains a drive to acquire scientific knowledge...wallahualam
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PostSubject: Re: Qur'an & Scientific thinking   Qur'an & Scientific thinking Icon_minitimeSat Jan 29, 2011 12:26 am

the term scientific studies should be replace with quranic studies.
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PostSubject: Re: Qur'an & Scientific thinking   Qur'an & Scientific thinking Icon_minitimeFri Feb 04, 2011 11:57 pm


I do agree with what 1016179's opinion regarding Qur'an and the making of scientific thinking in Islam. And I would like to add some of my inputs based on this topic. Well, everyone knows that our holy Quran is our major source of anything. And it also shows the greatness and omnipotence of our God. In al-Quran, there are some stories about science, knowledge that had been stated there even the experiment about that carried out after hundreds of years afterwards. So, why the ignoramuses cant think about this miracle of al-Quran, thus believing the truth of Islam from the existence and proofs of holy-Quran.

One of the example, the existence of human beings. In surah al-Mukminun, there’s some verses clearly portray how human beings exist from a lump of blood to become a complete functional men in mother’s womb. And it also states the event when Allah blows soul to human’s body and for sure, this is cant happen without Allah’ will ( kun fayakun ). These scientific theory just been developed by scientists and biologists hundreds of years after the revelation. Besides that, there are also some beneficial and useful knowledge that Allah wants to share with His vicegerents regarding sciences in Qu’ran. So, it’s just a matter whether we want to grab and utilise them or let them go and lastly, they were being utilised properly by the Westerns. Then, it vividly show why Muslims community cant succeed as Westerns nowadays even there are a lot of chances or boosters Allah had gave them. Thus, we as a Muslim must try to find out what is the significance of Allah’ creation as He creates something with His will for a purpose, not by coincidence, and there is some knowledge of science inside it.

thanks, and correct me if Im wrong because this is just my views. Wallahualam.
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PostSubject: Re: Qur'an & Scientific thinking   Qur'an & Scientific thinking Icon_minitime

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Qur'an & Scientific thinking
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