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 New list of references II

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New list of references II Empty
PostSubject: New list of references II   New list of references II Icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 3:36 pm

• Bakar, Osman. (1992). Classification of Knowledge in Islam. Kuala Lumpur: Institute of Policy Research
• Edrus, Syed M. (1992). Islamic Epistemology: An Introduction to the Theory of Knowledge in Al-Qur’an. Cambridge, UK: Islamic Academy
• Nasr, Seyyed Hossein. (1983). Science and Civilization in Islam. Pakistan Suhail Academy Lahor.
• Al-Attas, Syed Muhammad Naquib. (1992). Islam and Secularism. Kuala Lumpur: ISTAC
• Alparslan A. (1996). Islamic Science: Towards a Definition. Kuala Lumpur: ISTAC
• Bakar, Othman, (1991). Tawhid and Science: Religious Orthodoxy and the Battle for Rationality, Zed Books Ltd, UK.
• Bennabi, Malik. (1991). Islam in History and Society. Kuala Lumpur: Berita Publishing
• Davutoglu, Ahmed. (1994). Civilizational Transformation and the Muslim world. Kuala Lumpur: Mahir publications
• Harree, Rom. (1985). The Philosophy of Science. Oxford: Oxford University Press
• Ibn Khaldun, Abdur Rahman. (1986). Al Muqaddimah. Vol. 1.Trans. Franz Rosenthal. London: Routledge & Kegan Paul
• IIIT. (1982). Islam: Source and Purpose of Knowledge. Herndon,Virginia: I.I.I.T.
• Kamal Hasan December (2005) “Islam Hadhari” “Civilizational Islam” “An Approach to a new Government Policy.” Journal Islam in Asia. Volume II, Issue I.
• Khan, E. (1980). Science, Islam and Modern Age. New Delhi: Academy of Ijtehad
• Khan, Ferdouse. (1973). The Scientific Findings and the Holy Qur’an. Dakka: Islamic Foundation Bangladesh
• Nasr, Seyyed Hossein (1996). The Islamic worldview and modern science, Islamabad, Pakistan, Islamic thought and scientific creativity, OIC journal, Vol.7 (1).
• Qadir, C A, (1991). Philosophy and Science in Islamic World, Routledge, USA.
• Safi, Louay. (1996). The Foundation of Knowledge. Petaling Jaya: IIUM
• Sardar, Ziauddin. (1985). Islamic Futures. Reclaiming a Heritage, London: Mansell
• Siddiqi, Muhammad Zubair. (1993). Hadith Literature. Cambridge: Islamic Text Society
Yousif, Ahmed F. (2004). Islam and science: A Southeast Asian Perspective. Kuala Lumpur: Research Center.
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New list of references II
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