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 revelations inspire engineering

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PostSubject: revelations inspire engineering   revelations inspire engineering Icon_minitimeFri Jan 07, 2011 11:33 am from kuliyyah of posting this based on what i see and understand the relationship between physics,engineering or maths and revelations..most of us are well aware of the famous scholar in islam such as ibn battuta,ibn sina who inspires in the botanical and medicine world respectively,alkhawarizmi started the numbering system and made great strive in the mathematical world and also albiruni who amazed everyone about his discovery about the stars and space..all of them made big contributions in the islamic well as well as the science world..though,the difference is that they are muslims and they believe in Allah,they believe that all creations,knowledge and living things are created by god and they have the unique opportunity to discover and learn more about Allah's knowledge.. and although unlike the prophets who directly got direct revelations from Allah,they can also be clarified as a small revelation that Allah gave to them to use it and make contributions to not only the muslim world but also the the whole world.. sunny Like a Star @ heaven

Furthermore,coming back to my main topic which is the relation between my course and revelations..well,revelations doesnt mean the great wahyu that the prophets received by Allah but any kind of inspiration,idea,dream,and even decision that makes you feel calm and confident about your,what im saying is i feel that my course inspired me a is very general..but you will relate to machines and is more to that means building or making an improvement on requires a way of thinking that innovates you and the things you want to invent to a whole new level..and indirectly when you see things,it reminds you of ALlah's greatness and wonder and amazed how a small brick can become a house,a plain wood can become a chair or a desk and a chunk of metal can become a car..this is all revelations that Allah gave to individuals who works hard to obtain His knowledge..and Allah being merciful and loving share the knowledge to His creations,islam or not,all race without being one sided to either of I am inspired to learn all of Allah's knowledge..

lastly,engineering also is not a rigid course,it can relate to other courses also such as architecture,maths,sciences,medicine and even language..for example,as you operate the engine you can compare it to surgeons,and language,engineering doesnt come in one package language only,all countries teaches engineering using their mother if you travel and learn indirectly you will leran their culture,language and it will develop your inter personal skills during your working environment..and because of that i can relate engineering and revelations..hope you'll enjoy a piece of me..thank you..salam Very Happy Razz Cool study albino
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PostSubject: Re: revelations inspire engineering   revelations inspire engineering Icon_minitimeFri Jan 14, 2011 3:53 pm

what an interesting things there you talk about....your topics is just like's nature that created by God can inspire us create new technology maybe in the future.....may God bless us to going through our course as an engineerinbg student....
assalam..... Very Happy
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revelations inspire engineering
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